Special Day

“Ekushey February” is Martyrdom Day and International Mother Language Day. It is a day filled with poignant and glorious memories of the Bengali people’s language movement. On this day, some youths were martyred by police firing on students who were demanding to make Bangla one of Pakistan’s official languages. Therefore, this day has been marked as a martyr day.

Bengalis, who aroused the spirit of Bengal by blood on the 21st day of February, have gained recognition in the international community by crossing the boundaries of the country. Ekushey February was declared as the ‘International Mother Language Day’ at the UNESCO Paris session on November 17, and since February 21, the day has been celebrated in good standing with the UN members.

The day is celebrated as International Mother Language Day with respect to our great language martyrs in around 188 countries like Bangladesh. It is a matter of great pride for us.

From the Great Ekushey February, we have gained the consciousness of self-respect, the motivation to give the mother tongue the status of a state language and felt the need for a united movement.

We have had to give many struggles and lives to speak in this language which has made Bangla language a better place in the seat of dignity today. So this day will be immortal with us forever.

MyLightHost has the utmost dedication and love for all the language martyrs.