What is Malware? Different types of Malware Attacks.

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Malware attack

Malware or malicious software is a technology designed intentionally to harm a computer network, server, user or all your systems. The malware can enter into your systems in the event that you visit malicious websites and download games, movies, videos, mp3, etc from. There are many malware attack types we will talk about here. Now we will know how they make our server and systems injurious.

(i). Virus – It is such a malware that corrupts all the files of our computer with just showing ‘The file is corrupt and cannot be opened’. Even if we share the files to any system or computer by means of memory or Pendrive, the virus will degenerate the files existing on that device.

(ii). Ransomware – It is a very popular and smart malware generally used by hackers to blackmail users. This actually encrypted all the files of our system by locking them with a password. We cannot unlock or decrypt the files without having the password. The hacker will only provide the code when you make payment.

(iii). Worms – Worms are actually just not like viruses. They are spread through email attachment and activated while opening the attachment.  Worms can make your email server overloaded that may result in DDoS attacks. Besides, this malware will slow down your system by copying our files automatically without any human interaction or direction.

(iv). Trojan horses – t looks like software that appears as a legitimate program in order to avail access to a system. Trojan will perform its malicious functions if you already have activated following installation. It builds spaces for several malicious programs and widens the likelihood of being assaulted.

(v). Spyware – Spyware is actually designed for spying on the activities of the users Unknowingly in order to send them to the hackers. It tracks everything of your actions on either computer or browsers.

(vi). Dropper – The dropper itself is not a virus. It is a kind of malware used to install malevolent programs like trojan horses, viruses or worm secretly on computers which may not be detected by virus scanning software.

(vii). Adware – It is a software application used by companies for marketing purposes. Adware is shown as a legitimate software apparently but it can be dangerous if it displays pop-up or fake websites or makes a change of your system or browser setting without your interaction.

(vii). Backdoor – Backdoor is such a malware that works as an independent program by which an external user can undoubtedly gain access to your computer without your insight.

What does Malware do?

A slow device is a typical confirmation that it is assaulted by malware. Malware has numerous entryways to go into devices such as internet and email. Hackers create malicious websites, software and so many programs. So, it is simply possible to be affected by those malicious practices.

To get protected from malware we have to first recognize them. Turning off the computer haphazardly and failing to start up, slowing down the device unexpectedly, automatic redirection to unwanted sites and so many indications are there.

How to Prevent Malware?

To talk about the prevention from the above-mentioned attacks, it needs to be changed some of our regular online practices. Stop – visiting malicious websites, clicking the ads on them and downloading videos, movies, mp3, etc from them. Use a paid antivirus and most importantly scan the pendrive or memory from where you are copying something to your computer. Start your computer with scanning in safe-networking mode. Hold down the F8 key before seeing the windows startup logo while restarting your computer. Be alert when your system is going to be hacked.

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