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Problems are always hidden in everything to make you disturbed. You can’t totally avoid them but have to be tricky to find out the solving ways. There may have several problems when you are trying to establish your online presence hosting on a web server. This may happen either for migration to a hosting platform or for other reasons. Overall, You need to have enough cognition about the most common web hosting problems that may happen.

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Let’s have a look at some web hosting issues and the ways of their accomplishment.

Slow Loading

No visitor will spend too much time when the website is still loading over ¾ seconds or more than that. Visitors always claim for faster and speedy access. So, they will simply move to one of your competitor’ site and won’t visit your website further. This may happen for lots of reasons including videos that autoplay, complicated forms, and site usage at the time of visiting and so on. A good web hosting service provider should maintain a fair network system for its tenants.

Bad Customer Support

While hosting websites, confronting issues is not so unusual. But, getting a snappy reaction in proper time is very important. Web hosting companies generally offer 24/7 support. But, having issues with not getting support is extremely horrible and also frustrating. Before choosing a provider, be sure that they have good support.

Server Downtime

Downtime of the web server is a very considering issue of web hosting. Your website’ functionalities highly rely upon the server uptime and performance. Servers, as a rule, go down for some reasons. This may happen if the operating system experiences an issue or a physical server loses power. A down server can down all the online applications. So, it needs to fix the issues and prevent further problems.

Limitation Obscurity

Many web hosting service providers do not reveal the confinements of their services. So as to get more customers, they keep unclosing several abridgments. It is much irritating to have further confinements subsequent to picking service from a provider. It is very important to have a judgment on the providing aspects and features with limitations before signing up.

Security Risk

A company should have the ability to protect the websites hosted on it. DDoS attack, SQL injection attack, Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack, Drive-by attack and Password attack are the most common cyber attack types. Servers are poorly maintained not able to prevent the attacks. A potential provider must manage the security by stopping the brute force of attacks and responding to all your incidents. Simply avoid the service which is unable to give the required level security need for your website.

In addition to these, there are some hosting issues which you can easily resolve.

Website is not showing

This may happen if your domain is new or you have recently made your DNS change. It actually takes some time to be updated. Besides, If your site doesn’t have inbound links, Google is likely not to find it.

Website still looks the same even after changing

You have made a change to your website which is not showing yet. This problem can easily be fixed up by doing a refresh or clearing the cache of your web browser.

Systems are suddenly stopped working

If you experience such a thing, check your internet connection and try to access your site, email, FTP. If you can’t do this, try to connect your site to another computer and if you can see it now, there is a probability of being blocked your IP. Contact your hosting provider.

Uploaded pages and images are not displaying

Make sure that you uploaded the pages or images properly. The links you’ve uploaded may be incorrect. This is only the outcome of your insincerity. If the HTML link is lowercase and the file it is pointing to is capitalized, the link won’t work properly.

Final Words

Problems in web hosting are as usual. Here are two sorts of issues I have mentioned above. Problems made by the web hosting service providers are really unexpected and awful. To have better hosting experience, you must do an analysis of their reviews and ratings given by the real clients. Hopefully, you will be able to choose your hosting provider by doing so. Problems by your unconsciousness won’t matter a lot to you. Just by taking a few measures you can tackle them. To evade all the main issues, search for the right host which is cost effective and has the ability to make a speedy solution to its customers’ issues.

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