Key Differences between Linux & Windows OS

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An operating system(OS) is a computer program used to manage hardware & software and lets its users run many applications on the device. It is very important to learn about each operating system in order to choose one for the computing device. Among many other operating systems today I would like to discuss some key differences between the two most used programs: Linux and MS Windows. Each of them is equivalently unique in relation to another containing some conveniences and inconveniences. Let’s have a look at some of their othernesses.

Windows OS

Windows is a widely used and easy operating system by which a learner can primarily learn how to use and operate the functions of a computing device. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation to run personal computers. Windows technology runs through many operating systems based on it such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The first version of MS Windows (Windows 1.0) was released on November 1985 and the latest version (Window 10) has been updated on October 2018.

There is no need to have a strong knowledge to operate this system having no complexities in its usage. It can be a better alternative for those who don’t need to have powerful access. Windows has light functions that anyone can have simple access to it.

Linux OS

Linux is an open source operating system based on Unix. It has been comparably different from Windows because of having more strong and important features you need. Linux is free to use although it is far more complex to use. The idea of Windows vs Linux will be clear when we compare them in regard to their features and functions.

So, let’s make some contrasts to have a clear concept about the two technologies.

Open Source

As mentioned, Linux source code is open to any user so that they can freely manage or develop as they need. On the other hand, Users can’t access openly the source code in the opposite technology. Only some selected members are permitted to have the entrance candidly.


Linux has a ton of features with similar advantages for its users. In contrast to Windows, it is customizable based on users’ needs, whereas Window is not Customizable. You can change or modify the source as you want to look.


The Linux distributions have more efficient supports. You can the solution to your issue on the Linux system by online search, posting threads on the forums community. There are many active & expert users in the community who can help you to solve your problems at no cost.

On the other hand, unlike Linux system, Windows has some paid resources including support. It has support, but members of the Windows-based forums are less active than Linux.


The operating system has a great impact on the security of computer system resources. On the question of security, Linux is more reliable than Windows. Getting hacked is highly probable in the Windows environment as the development of viruses and malware mostly target it, whereas Linux is less vulnerable to getting attacked. Linux comes with a couple of features and works such way that makes it a secure operating system. It has automatic antivirus with all its distributions. But, all Windows versions don’t have anti-virus. It needs to install that may be expensive.


Linux meets all your needs with fewer bothers. Users have full control over their using system in this so-called innovation. You can update or install your system within a short time without any reboot. As opposed to this, updating windows, installing or uninstalling any software, slowing down of the system naturally, demand reboot that sometimes may bother and frustrate the users.

Which is better in case of hosting?

Your choice of operating system can impact your hosting in many ways. A website user must not want to take a risk or to be insecure in lack of Reliability, affordability and security regarding server or operating system. A stable platform is most necessary for your business. Linux is all about your needs. Considering all features of both Linux & Windows OS, we find Linux as the best solution. No matter what type of website & hosting you have. It will suit all your requirements. It doesn’t mean to avoid Windows technology as it has also some conveniences. But, when you have a better option to choose, why don’t you switch to this? Because of having many good features with all Linux systems, it is highly recommended. CloudLinux is a popular Linux distribution providing a lot of benefits and containing much better-hosting management features for its users. Linux hosts allude to shared hosting, the most popular hosting service in the industry. Most of the websites are hosted on this platform because of its stability & reliability. Choosing a hosting service mostly depends on what technology does your website need. Every system has pros and cons of their own with several benefits.

If your website demands MS technologies, Windows hosting is a good option for you. But, when your requirement is to start a WordPress blog or to run a medium or large business, then Linux is the best choice for you. Choosing a web hosting service provider is also very important based on your needs and choice because it will significantly impact on the technology you are using. MyLightHost have some popular web hosting packages that are available on Linux and Windows operating system.

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